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"I tried Dermapril the day I got it and I saw results right away! I wish I would have found this product sooner, I guess better late than never... Thanks Dermapril!"


"Dermapril-SP is the BEST product currently available in the USA, especially for middle age very sensitive combination skin in a humid climate like Florida. I'm 50 years but people think I'm in my early 30th! My skin is GLOWING. The price is very affordable. As a health care provider I recommend Dermapril to my patients. My friends are raving about it as well. PLEASE, don't ever stop making it:-)"
-Morning Glory


"I have paid a great deal more for anti-aging products with far fewer benefits. I don't know why there are negative reviews about dermapril because the results for me have been wonderful. I am sixty-seven years young and highly recommend this products for senior citizens!!!"


"Been using this product for 6 months now and it has really made a difference in texture and firmness. At 60 years of age I'm always looking for the best non-surgical ways to improve my skin and this product is one of the best."


"Dermapril,thid product is the'fountain of youth in wrinkle creams. I am a seventy years old and have used prescription preparations form many years. Dermapril is superior for mature skin"

Destinol 90 ct Bottle

"I tried a bottle of Destinol and it worked like a charm! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks!"
-Stephanie G.


"I love this product! I have been using it for a year and it really helps my laugh lines and around my eyes!"
-Love It


"I am amazed at how my skin has changed. My skin tone has evened out and the mild acne I had is completely gone. My skin looks better than it ever did when I was younger"



Destinol  90 ct Bottle

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  • Destinol  90 ct Bottle

Destinol 90 ct Bottle

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Quick Overview

Now women across the nation can get odor protection down under with Destinol. Yes, join the movement of clean, fresh scents, which leaves you feeling comfortable in your very own skin.

Destinol’s Difference

►The formula treats the problem, not the symptom
►It is a pill, not an uncomfortable cream or gel
►It is a natural solution, that’s gentle on the body
►It gives you the freedom to live, while treating the problem
►It works for the long-term


Product Description

Destinol, The Answer to Treating Bacterial Vaginosis

As you may already know, BV affects millions of women, and Destinol offers a natural solution to keep bad odor and BV out of your life, for good.

This condition, known as bacterial vaginosis (BV) can control your life in more ways than you may think. The reoccurrence after a few months is frustrating, the discomfort of burning and itching is burdensome, and the odor is embarrassing.

If you’ve reached a point in your life, where you are afraid to step outside for fear of embarrassment, ladies, it’s time to break free! We understand your pain. We’ve researched the best solution. And now we’re making it available to you.

What do you have to lose? Except the bad odor. You have everything else to gain – self-confidence, newfound intimacy, and a fresh, new you.

How Destinol Works:

If you are experiencing more than one of the following symptoms, you may have bacterial vaginosis:

  • A fish-like odor
  • Grayish-white discharge
  • Soreness and irritation
  • Unrelenting itching

It is not enough to treat the symptom. Cut the problem loose by getting back your normal balance of bacteria.

After using Destinol, you might be tempted to jump in a bikini again. Okay, that may be an overstatement, but you will earn your confidence back for sure.

Destinol's ingredients work to eliminate odor and discharge in as little as seven days. Stop letting yourself and your personal choices be dictated by BV. Go ahead, take the challenge, and order now.

Destinol provides relief from BV symptoms quickly in order for you to regain confidence.  It is a safe alternative to prescription medications. Bacterial Vaginosis occurs when there is a low level of (good bacteria) present. When an imbalance takes place, (bad bacteria), BV occurs. Destinol helps you balance pH levels so that your body naturally rids itself of BV,  and with continual use, you can maintain the proper levels of good bacteria needed to keep you feeling healthy and fresh.

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) can control your life in more ways than you are aware.

To start with, many women aren't comfortable talking about the issue and many go untreated or misdiagnosed. Even with proper diagnosis, prescription medications may only clear up the issue for a short while and then the vaginal odor, the burning and itch return after months. Destinol is intended to help treat the problem and not just the symptoms. Unlike prescription medications, Destinol works with the body's natural processes to encourage a gentler, more gradual approach to change within your body's pH balance. Some medications used in treating vaginal odor are messy and time consuming like creams, ointments and wipes. These treatments are supposed to help relieve symptoms like burning, redness, irritation and itch. Other suggested remedies include using fragrance free deodorants, detergents and soaps, wearing loose cloths, and only wearing cotton underwear. These suggestions limit your choice in the clothes you wear and the hygiene products you use. Destinol offers results without limiting other areas of your life.

Feelings of self-consciousness can carry into your personal life and intimate life.

Closeness between you and your partner is an important aspect of your relationship. If you aren't confident in your own body and how you feel about yourself, those moments can be ruined. Destinol can bring intimacy back into your life. When you feel fresh, you feel at your best. Some treatments, like creams and ointments, can lead to other concerns and cautious in regards to the clothing you wear. No woman wants to feel like she has to avoid her bikini or favorite pair of lace panties because she is worried about noticeable discharge or odor. Destinol's ingredients work to eliminate odor and discharge in as little as seven days. Stop letting yourself and personal choices be dictated by BV. 


Product Info

Destinol 90 CT Bottle

Cleanse your body and maintain good bacteria, with a formula that helps eliminate odors down under. Destinol is the simple and quick solution to get rid of BV, once and for all.

Ingredients in Destinol:

  • Natrum Muriaticum: regulates the balance of bodily fluids
  • Carbolicum Acidum: helps decrease odors
  • Coriander Seed: rids toxins within the body
  • Dicalcium Phosphate: maintains calcium
  • Lactose USP: activates Natum Muriaticum to increase its efficiency
  • Parsley Herb: cleanses the body
  • Sage Herb: reduces perspiration and is a member of the mint family